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A fond farewell to the Charlestown Mini Super’s beloved lunch buffet

In the end, and it likely is the end, the loss is small potatoes compared to what the pandemic has wrought.

Still, a stranger, perhaps first-time vacationer, would not know what once had been the best time of day at the Charlestown Mini Super on Old Post Road.

That’s when, for years, the salad bar and sandwich bar and the hot foods buffet were rolled out for noon crowds — the work crews, construction workers, summer folk, year-round residents and especially the elderly, who, as Charlie Beck, co-owner of the market, said the other day, loved the spread and would make dinner out of lunch.

The Westerly Sun published an article about our Charlestown Mini Super on September 12, by Steven Slosberg, lamenting how our favorite lunch buffet ended with the COVID-19 pandemic and will likely not return in its previous form. Read the rest of the article here.

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