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Animal Shelter NOT in Jeopardy with a "No" Vote

Voters are now mailing in ballots for a Charlestown budget proposal that dramatically reduces the Town's financial reserve fund, at a time with lots of financial uncertainty when those reserves may be needed for unexpected town expenses.

There's a rumor spreading that defeating this budget will prevent improvements to the Animal Shelter.

While good for pulling at the heart strings it couldn't be further from the truth. This is just using the Animal Shelter as a ploy to garner support for this budget.

If this budget is rejected, then the Town Council will develop a revised budget. The only way the Animal Shelter improvements will not be included is if the majority of the Town Council votes to remove the item from the revised budget. That budget will then go back to the voters to approve. Not one person at any of the meetings regarding the budget even suggested removing these improvements to the Animal Shelter.

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