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CCA abandons agenda and accountability

In the Jan. 5 letter, “Charlestown considers a plan for stability” by Bonnie van Slyke, it becomes apparent that the Charlestown Citizens Alliance cares little about transparency, accountability, or holding true to their own agenda.

They’ve claimed to run on a low-tax platform, but with their Fund Balance Policy, residents would be paying more and might never see any benefit from it. The letter raises worries about financial stress, accumulating debt, and keeping taxes stable. Instead of fear-mongering worst-case scenarios, the CCA should consider generating original ideas.

We’re at this place because in 2019 taxpayers rejected the budget and a $3.1 million outlay to build a community center. At the time there was “too much” surplus, according to auditors, and the CCA tried to force the center on taxpayers. Voters overwhelmingly rebuffed the proposal.

In 2019 the fund balance policy was originally submitted by President Carney and endorsed by Charlestown Residents United. It addressed voters’ concerns in a transparent manner and allowed for rebates. However, it wasn’t submitted to the GFOA by the CCA. Why?

Because the CCA has been in power for a decade, doesn’t listen to opposing viewpoints and has even moved meeting times, all resulting in the electorate losing confidence in these officials.

Just look at what happened at Monday’s council meeting. The CCA lost confidence in themselves and pulled their motion because so many people complained. I urge every Charlestown voter to remember this when they head to the voting booth this November.

The CCA has been in power too long, it’s time to elect new leadership.

Thom Cahir, Charlestown

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