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CCA is continuing with its track record of deceit

Did you ever wonder why the members of the Charlestown Citizens Alliance never admit when they are wrong or never apologize after they try to spin the truth to their advantage?

In Michael Chambers’ latest rant, recently published in The Sun, he uses that opportunity to skirt the issues I levied against the CCA and their disregard toward honesty and transparency.

In my letter to the editor, which Chambers has just responded to, I stated that most of the CCA candidates running for office in 2020 didn’t respond to the Federal Railroad Administration’s feedback request. Did Chambers deny it? Of course not, it was the truth.

I also stated that former CCA Town Council President Thomas Gentz admitted that he knew about FRA’s efforts to create the Old Saybrook-Kenyon Bypass a year before the CCA revealed it to the residents of Charlestown. Did Chambers deny it? Of course not, it was the truth.

Instead of dealing with those issues, Chambers turns his attention against me. He once again tries to spin the truth and gives the readers the standard CCA tactic of disinformation and falsehoods. He uses my past membership in CDTC (he forgot to tell the readers what that stood for, Charlestown Democratic Town Committee), as if that had any bearing on the subject at hand.

Listen folks, this is who they are and this is what they do. They have had control for too long and are afraid that voters finally see them for what they are. Remember, the only thing honest or transparent about the CCA is their lack of honesty and their lack of transparency.

Frank Glista, Charlestown

This article was published as a letter to the editor in The Westerly Sun on October 2, 2020.

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