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Charlestown is lucky to have Deb Carney

Charlestown is fortunate to have Deb Carney running again for Town Council, for she is the ultimate public servant, having served six years on the council and four years on the Chariho School Committee. Deb has the experience to deal with the issues facing our town.

In 2004, I served on the Town Council with her and can attest to her leadership skills. As president,she was always well-prepared, knowledgeable and able to examine all sides of an issue. Above all, she was able to put the interests of all residents above those of special-interest groups.

In 2019, Deb was instrumental in alerting us to the possible misuse of surplus funds. Her actions not only protected taxpayers but led to a decrease in our taxes. She can be counted on to exercise fiscal responsibility when it comes to use of our tax dollars.

A vote for Deb Carney and her team is a vote for fiscal responsibility and good government.

Donna Walsh


This article was published in The Westerly Sun on September 28, 2020.

Donna Walsh

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