CRU’s platform simple, focused on residents

Charlestown Residents United is a unique political action committee in that we are a group of Democrats, Republicans and independents who have chosen to put aside partisan politics and are working to put the “town” back in Charlestown.

Our platform is simple:

Finances: We we will strive to maintain Charlestown’s low tax rates through fiscally responsible budgeting. Our commitment: Complete the overdue townwide survey to identify and implement residents’ and taxpayers’ priorities.

Our safety: Ensure the safety of residents and town staff with regard to COVID-19. Work to establish safe travel for pedestrians and cyclists on Charlestown Beach Road.

Our town governance: Restore confidence in town government through transparent and fair treatment of all residents and property owners. Reinstate the Charter Revision Commission to annually evaluate the Town Charter. Review town ordinances for compliance with state law.

Our shoreline and parks: Work to establish a residents-only parking area at town-owned shoreline property abutting the Charlestown Breachway. Implement the approved Master Plan for Ninigret Park.

I sincerely ask you to vote for the people who are working to put the “town” back in Charlestown: Deb Carney, Jodi Frank, Scott Keeley, Steve Stokes and myself, Grace Klinger, for Town Council; Patricia Stamps and Howard Stephens for Planning Commission; and Charlie Beck for town moderator.

Grace F. Klinger, Charlestown

This article appeared as a Letter To the Editor in The Westerly Sun on October 30, 2020.

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