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Endorsement for 2 CRU-supported candidates

Charlestown Residents United (CRU) supports candidates dedicated to transparent, fair, and unbiased government representing all residents. Our candidates were chosen based on those principles regardless of political affiliation.

On October 18, 2020, The Rhode Island Republican party issued an endorsement of our two Republican-registered candidates:

The Rhode Island Republican Party enthusiastically endorses the candidacy of Stephen Stokes and Grace Klinger for Charlestown Town Council. These two individual candidates are fair, well informed, have sound judgment, and are committed and focused on community goals. Stephen and Grace have a selfless commitment to the Town of Charlestown and will use their leadership skills to bring groups together. Their love for the Town of Charlestown and their desire to make a positive difference in the community through true public service is admirable.

Therefore, it is without reservation that the Rhode Island Republican Party publicly endorses Stephen Stokes and Grace Klinger for Town Council in Charlestown, because we firmly believe the Town of Charlestown will continue to grow and progress under their leadership.

Respectfully submitted,

Suzanne Cienki

RIGOP Chairwoman

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