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February 12 Town Council Meeting Preview

The Charlestown Town Council has an agenda full of compelling topics for Monday night.

First, there will be an executive session meeting, at 6:15 pm, to consider contract agreements with the various unions and associations of town workers. The regular Council meeting will begin at 7 pm in the Council Chambers. Here are some of the topics that will be of interest:

  • The meeting will start with presentations and proclamations honoring former Town Council member Grace Klinger, who passed away on January 20.

  • Amendments to the Town ordinance on Taxation will be introduced, and scheduled for a public hearing on March 11. The changes are mostly corrections that will eliminate unnecessary requirements for those receiving tax exemption. The full text can be read here.

  • A proposed zoning change for the property at 1645 Shannock Road will be introduced and scheduled for a public hearing on March 11. This would change the property to mixed use, with a commercial portion, to be used by South County Habitat For Humanity, and a two-bedroom residential unit. The property most recently held a septic service company. Prior to that, it was the site of Charlestown Fire District's Station 1 (Charlestown-Richmond Fire Department) before moving to the new building on South County Trail. The details can be read here.

  • The Council will consider a proposed resolution supporting state legislation authorizing the Chariho Regional School District's plan to build three new elementary schools, replacing existing schools. This Resolution supports the people's right to vote on this matter. It can be read here.

  • The Council will consider filling an Alternate member position on the Zoning Board of Review. Applications have been received from Joseph M. DeMarco, William Isabella, and Steven A. Rice.

  • The Council will hold a public hearing amending Chapter 218 - Zoning, primarily to conform to recently enacted State mandates. The proposed changes can be read here.

  • The Council will discuss a report on options for resurfacing Charlestown Beach Road, along and near the beach, and the recommendation from the Climate Resiliency Commission. The report was initially presented to the Council at the January 22 meeting. Next steps will be decided at this meeting. The information can be read here.

  • The Ninigret Troll artwork project and agreement with the South County Tourism Council will be discussed.

  • The Council and Town Solicitor will discuss whether a special town vote will be needed to approve possible demolition of the existing Charlestown Elementary School as part of the Chariho Regional School District's plans to build new schools. This item is continued from the January 22 meeting.

  • The Council will discuss whether and how to fill the current vacancy on the Town Council. Information, including the Town Charter section on filling vacancies, can be read here.

The entire agenda, including the procedure for streaming access, can be viewed here.

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