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Fire Departments Work on Recruitment

Note: Charlestown Fire District Captain Matt Dowling is quoted in this article by Jason Vallee in The Westerly Sun on April 14, 2019

Across the region, volunteer fire and ambulance services continue to the mainstay of emergency response, but with the number of volunteers trending downward over the past two decades, departments are finding it harder to fill shifts. One of the biggest challenges is filling spots from 9 to 5 while many of the volunteers are at work.

Whether in more populated areas such as Pawcatuck or Dunn's Corners, or in smaller communities like North Stonington and Charlestown, staffing daytime shifts has become a top priority.

Visit the local Facebook pages:

Cross Mills Fire Department

Charlestown-Richmond Fire Department

Dunn's Corners Fire Department

Read the rest of this article in The Westerly Sun.

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