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Fly Tying Classes at WPWA

As a novice or as an intermediate level fly tyer, these classes at the Wood-Pawcatuck Watershed Association (WPWA) can enrich your technical skills.

WPWA will supply modern techniques, equipment and materials during these four classes. Fly Tying can be described as the completion of the necessary steps to construct an artificial fly. The class will use natural or synthetic materials to mimic the organic food of the fish, the angular wishes to fool. This class will allow the students to learn the techniques and skills to tye streamers, nymphs, emergers, and dry flyes.

This class will be held at the WPWA campus, 203 Arcadia Rd, Hope Valley, RI, starting at 6:30pm, for 1 ½ hours, on four consecutive weeks on Tuesdays, 2/21, 2/28, 3/7, and 3/14. In case of bad weather, the instructor will make a judgement on the side of safety and reschedule the class. The class is restricted to 6 students, aged 12 years and older. Registration is required, and closes on 2/21/2023. The cost is $75, and can be paid via check or online upon registration.

Sign up for the course here.

Instructor Jeff Perry is past President of United Fly Tyers of RI, a Lifetime member of Trout Unlimited, a Certified Casting Instructor and a Bronze Certification Tyer for Fly Fishers International, an active member of Rhody Fly Rodders, a volunteer instructor for the RI Dept of Environmental Management Aquatics Education Division, a L.L. Bean Casting Instructor, holds a Masters in Education and other complementary titles.

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