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Grants Available for Protection of Lakes and Ponds

Save the Lakes Small Grants: Request for Proposals

Introduction: Save the Lakes (STL), founded in 2008, is the sole statewide organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of Rhode Island’s lakes, ponds and freshwater resources. This non-profit, volunteer association provides a forum for education, discussion and action on lake-related issues and advocates for better freshwater management policies at the local, state and federal levels. In support of our mission, STL recently received a donation from The Bill and Kristen Fenech Family Foundation and RI Water Sports.

Purpose of This Request for Proposals (RFP): Saving our lakes requires action now as aquatic invasive species, harmful water drainage and other problems infiltrate our freshwater bodies. Without action, over time, lakes are lost for swimming, fishing and boating. To save our lakes, each lake, pond and reservoir needs active advocacy and action. The funds to be awarded here are small grants, not to exceed $2,000, with such projects to be completed by the end of August 2023, & have the following 2 priorities:

  • Establish a lake association focused on helping to preserve and protect a RI lake or group of lakes: Having a lake association has proven crucial in these times of aquatic invasive species or other problems that are plaguing our freshwater bodies. United action is a powerful tool for identifying, articulating and drawing attention to the needs/problems a lake is encountering, and harnessing the energy and resources to tackle those problems.

  • Develop a Lake Management Plan to guide the work of volunteers seeking to preserve and protect a lake or group of lakes. To combat Aquatic Invasive Species, a sound written plan is needed to provide the basis for directing resources to the problem. Volunteerism and fundraising or acquisition of grants are then essential toward implementing a lake's plan.

  • Other ideas deemed of importance will be considered, but under no circumstances will this RFP fund the purchase of equipment.

Requirements of this RFP:

  1. Name & location of your lake

  2. Contact Person, including email and phone number

  3. Describe your primary objective(s)

  4. Describe the specific procedures or steps you will take to reach your objective

  5. Indicate the way(s) in which funds will be used to carry out this initiative

  6. List the specific outcome(s) to be achieved.

  7. List the names of others who will participate in this project, including potential consultants

  8. List any in-kind contributions

  9. Include any other information you feel may be relevant

Criteria for awards: A STL team will review all applications, taking into consideration the alignment of the proposal with the two primary purposes of this RFP: establishment of a lake association or lake management plan, the clarity of procedures and potential for success. The review team will also give serious entertainment of other ideas that focus on lake health, excluding equipment.


  • All proposals are due not later than July 22, 2022

  • Awards will be made not later than August 7, 2022

  • Proposals should be:

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