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Important June 17 meeting to discuss town budget!

There will be a special meeting of the Charlestown Town Council to discuss the budget surplus on Monday, June 17th, at 7 PM at Town Hall.

Please note the meeting is at 7 PM on that date. There was a mistake in the Westerly Sun about the start time when they wrote about it. Second, the agenda for that meeting will include a discussion of the entire budget, not just the surplus.

It is very important that as many Charlestown taxpayers attend this meeting as possible. With the initial budget having been defeated in the budget referendum, it is important for Charlestown residents to make clear to the council how we want the budget to be structured. With the $3.1 million dollar surplus (18% of the Town portion of the budget) still not allocated appropriately in the budget, citizens have 3.1 million reasons to be present at the special Town Council meeting to ensure that those funds are allocated in the best interest of Charlestown citizens.

Please make every effort to attend the Monday June 17th meeting at 7 PM. There will be the opportunity for citizens' input at this meeting.

Westerly Sun staff reporter Cynthia Drummond reports on the budget discussion at the June 10 Town Council meeting, in depth, in this article in the Sun.

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