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Budget Public Hearing, Monday, May 6, 2019 at 7:00pm- Town Hall

On May 6, Charlestown Residents will have the opportunity to express their opinions on the proposed town budget.

The Budget Commission has submitted the town's tentative budget which includes a $3,095,000 line item to be transferred to a "Construction" Fund. The Town Council majority (CCA) has indicated that they want to use this fund to construct a Community Recreation Senior Center. As of now, this item will be included in the budget. There is NO plan for this Center.

The Budget Commission did not endorse this construction plan. They were asked by the majority of the Town Council to identify the amount of money that could be spent.

If constructed, this facility will also require future budget expenditures for staffing, programs, maintenance, etc. These additional costs are unknown. Again, there is currently NO plan for a Community Recreation Senior Center although it is listed in the budget.

Please come out to speak about this or any other items in the budget. IT'S YOUR MONEY!

The entire budget can be viewed on the Town's website here.

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