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Jan. 31, 2023 Town Council Meeting Report

The first item on the agenda for this Town Council meeting was to establish a process to select the acting Town Administrator.

This article summarizes what happened in the meeting. The agenda packet for the meeting is here.

The proposed process is to announce a request for applications. Then the Council would have two meetings next week to select the acting Town Administrator: an open meeting followed by an Executive Session meeting to select the acting Town Administrator. It was noted that this is a public process and any applications submitted would be subject to public disclosure.

The motion was approved unanimously.

Applications will be due to the Town Clerk by noon next Tuesday. There is no town residency requirement.

The upcoming Town Council meetings will be Tuesday, February 7, at 7 pm to publicly review the applications submitted and on Thursday, February 9, at 7 pm to interview selected candidates and appoint the acting Town Administrator.

The February 13 regular Council meeting will include consideration of setting up a search committee for the permanent Town Administrator.

After the discussion about the Acting Town Administrator, the Council went into executive session to review a long list of pending litigations (a normal practice to get a new Council up to speed). The Council voted to authorize Atty. Joe Larisa to comment on the Federal Register/Vol. 87, No. 232/Monday, December 5, 2022/Proposed Rules, Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, 25 CFR Part 151 - Land Acquisitions.

The entire meeting can be watched here.

Ryan Blessing's article on the meeting, in The Westerly Sun, can be read here.

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