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January 9 Town Council Meeting Preview

The January meeting of our Town Council will be held on Monday, January 9, starting at 7 pm. Some important items of broad interest will be discussed. As reported in our summary from the December meeting, the Town Council will hold a hearing to have the Charter Revision Advisory Committee be a standing committee rather than only meeting at the will of the Council. This will, if approved, return the rules to the way they were prior to 2019. Details here. The Council will also hold a hearing to consider increasing the number of members on the Charlestown Climate Resiliency Commission. Details here. Two items in the December meeting agenda were tabled for lack of time and will be discussed at this meeting: 1) consideration of whether to continue retaining Joseph S. Larisa, Jr. as Assistant Solicitor for Indian Affairs (details here) and 2) the possible formation of an Ordinance Revision Committee to Review Charlestown's Code of Ordinances (details here). Both of these topics may generate vigorous discussion. Our new State Representative, Tina Spears, has asked to discuss Charlestown Legislative priorities with the Council. Representative Spears will attend to speak. Senator Victoria Gu and Senator Elaine Morgan have also been invited and will attend. Details here. This could be quite informative. The meeting will be held in person at Town Hall but the video will also be streamed as described on the first page of the agenda. (People watching the live stream will not be able to comment or ask questions.)

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