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Let’s not steal any political signs this year

As Chairman of CRU, I am calling on the loyal opposition and all other parties in the November election to forego petty campaign abuses such as theft of signs and other sabotages.

Our campaign signs went up in Charlestown one week ago. Since then, signs have already been stolen. In a very short-sighted move, phone calls made to RI DOT with complaints about our signs, resulted in the removal of almost all political signage along Route 2. Using state employees as tools to perform dirty tricks on opponents is a waste of taxpayer resources. In addition, our opposition apparently decided the next mature thing to do was to place their signs directly in front of ours on properties that allow all signs.

With everything going on in the world today, now is not the time for these small minded actions.

Everyone in Charlestown should be free to express their political beliefs. As Chairman of CRU, I ask that we all respect each others’ right to free expression and not play games with other people’s signs.

Timothy Quillen


The writer is the chairman of Charlestown Residents United.

This article appeared as a Letter to the Editor in The Westerly Sun on September 14.

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