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Let's play "Did You Know?", the CCA edition

When reading all the propaganda from the Charlestown Citizens Alliance (CCA), one would think that these people are handed down from the heavens. Well my friends, nothing could be further from the truth.

So, let's cut to the chase. All of the information below is backed up by detail still available on the Town of Charlestown's web site. Are you ready to play "DID YOU KNOW?" Let's get started;

DID YOU KNOW that the CCA Town Council majority approved the largest Rock and Roll concert in the history of Ninigret Park with a daily attendance of 15,000 people? (Town Council Minutes of October 7, 2013 - 11. LICENSES AND PERMITS.)

DID YOU KNOW that the CCA attempted to obstruct a private land sale in Cross Mills? The CCA claims to be in favor of Open Space, water protection and less development but their actions show a different reality. The CCA Town Council majority, along with Planning Commission Chair, Ruth Platner and other CCA members worked tirelessly to stop this land sale, which CRMC identifies as being located in an area of "Critical Concern". After all the underhanded attempts to deny this family of their property rights, the State of Rhode Island, through its Water Resources Board, purchased this land on May 12th of 2015. The parcel was previously sub-divided into 10 buildable lots, but now provides wildlife habitat, preserves 20 acres for open space and protects a water source for future generations despite the hypocritical actions of the CCA. (Town Council Minutes of June 9, 2014 - 8. NEW BUSINESS.)

DID YOU KNOW that the CCA knew about the Federal Railroad Administration attempt to create the Old Saybrook /Kenyon Bypass a year before the CCA revealed it to the residents of Charlestown? (Town Council Minutes of January, 10 2017 or watch the video at the 49:30 min. mark.)

DID YOU KNOW that the CCA Town Council attempted to give away YOUR town owned property by giving a conservation easement to an outside agency? (You, the voters REJECTED this idea by a margin of 618 to 548 during the ALL DAY FINANCIAL REFERENDUM - June 1, 2015, WARRENT QUESTION #2.)

DID YOU KNOW that the CCA Town Council attempted to stop the Citizens Petition for the Ninigret Park Recreation Bond from going to the voters? Incumbent CCA candidate Bonnie VanSlyke was adamant that the bond not go forward. (The Ninigret Park Recreation Bond went to the voters and was OVERWHELMINGLY passed by a margin of 788 to 377 during the ALL DAY FINANCIAL REFERENDUM - June 1, 2015, PETITION #1.)

DID YOU KNOW that the CCA attendance record for Town Council meetings is quite disturbing? Out of the 58 Town Council meetings recorded on the town's web site, CCA councilors missed 30 of those meetings. Only Vice President Deb Carney (D) and Bonnie VanSlyke (CCA) have perfect records. President Virginia Lee (CCA) missed 7, Julie Carroccia (CCA) missed 10 and incumbent candidate David Wilkinson (CCA) missed 13. Even more disturbing is the fact that Carroccia and Wilkinson missed the EMERGENCY MEETING (03/18/20) on the Covid 19 much for the health of our residents. (Town Council Minutes from November 26, 2018 through September 28, 2020)

DID YOU KNOW that the CCA Planning Commission (PC), which claims to be business friendly, fined one of our local businesses for paving their parking lot? Incumbent PC Chair, Ruth Platner (CCA) allowed her members to railroad a local business to pay a $1,000.00 fee to the Nature Conservancy because they didn't ask for permission before they paved. She also allowed incumbent CCA candidate, Gordon Foer to tack on an additional $500.00 fee to this business. Keep in mind that this was an illegal act. Only the Zoning Official has the authority to levy fines. (Planning Commission Minutes of November 19, 2008 - Request Amendment to Site Plan.)

If you've had enough of the CCA lies and hypocrisy, please vote for the following candidates; Deb Carney, Jodi Frank, Scott Keeley, Grace Klinger and Steve Stokes for Town Council; Patricia Stamps and Howard Stephens for Planning Commission and Charlie Beck for Town Moderator.

The Charlestown Residents United slate of candidates will work to put the TOWN back in Charlestown.

Frank Glista, Charlestown

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