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Let Your Voice Be Heard

The Town's Budget Public Hearing is coming up on Monday, May 4, at 7 pm.

This proposed budget calls for a 7.4% increase in town spending over this year. This spending level will draw $3 million out of our Unassigned Surplus (Emergency Reserve) fund and still increase taxes by several hundred dollars for many of our homeowners. Due to the economic uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, Charlestown Residents United does not support a spending increase of this magnitude.

Additionally, this budget takes $3 million out of the Unassigned Surplus. Last year, voters set aside $74,000 to survey taxpayers and residents to determine what we want to do with this money. This budget decides for us where the money will be spent, before we are even asked.

There are items that can be removed from the budget this year, to reduce the draw-down of the town's Unassigned Surplus. Town Council Vice President Deb Carney drafted an article (you can read it here) that outlines some of these items.

Your opportunity to express your thoughts on this will be on Monday, May 4th, or you can email the Town Council before the Budget Public Hearing..

The Budget Public Hearing will be held this Monday, May 4th. This year will be a Virtual Meeting. You must register in advance to participate; instructions are included below.

After this public hearing the Town Council will vote on the budget that will go on the ballot at the May 11 Town Council meeting.

CRU does not support a 7.4% increase in town spending during this time of economic uncertainty. CRU also does not support withdrawing as much as $3 million from our Unassigned Surplus at this time.

We encourage people to let your voice be heard, either by attending the Virtual Budget Public Hearing or by emailing the Town Council.

Information for participating in the online budget hearing

The public hearing on the town budget will be online through WebEx.

Participants (to either view the meeting or comment during the meeting) must register in advance by going to this webpage. Several informational items in the registration must be completed for a registered voter to be verified and count toward the required quorum.

All participants/viewers must register to gain access to the meeting.

Registration can be completed anytime. People are encouraged to register early.

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