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March 11 Town Council Meeting Preview

The Charlestown Town Council meeting on Monday March 11 will begin at 7 pm in the Council Chambers. Here are some of the topics that will be of interest:

  • The Council will consider the appointment to fill the open position on the Town Council which was, sadly, created due to the passing of Councilor Grace Klinger. Applications have been received from Michael A. Marcelynas, Peter Slom and Bonnita B. VanSlyke. The applications can be viewed here.

  • The Council will have a discussion about a proposed amendment to Chapter 218-43, Zoning, of the Town’s Ordinances, Non-Conformity with Dimensional Standards, Preexisting Substandard Lots. This is part of a continuing effort to conform with State Law while best protecting Charlestown's interests. A change to the state law last year reduced the setback requirements on some parcels to as little as four feet. This proposal could provide a solution to the problem. The background can be read here. This discussion may lead to a future hearing on an zoning ordinance revision.

  • The Chariho Regional School District Committee is requesting the Council to appoint 3 Charlestown residents for the Chariho Building Committee. The Council will discuss this and will likely decide to advertise the vacancies as noted under "Announcments" on the agenda.

  • The Council will discuss a draft letter responding to a recent ACLU report on Public Comment at Town Meetings. Possible changes to Council Rules and Procedures may also be discussed. The draft letter along with the ACLU report can be viewed here.

  • At the February 12 meeting, the Council discussed options to improve and stabilize the beachfront portion of Charlestown Beach Road. This will be discussed further in this meeting in light of a recent letter received from the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC). The background and letter may be viewed here.

  • The Council will discuss setting a date and meeting location for a Special Town Council Meeting to discuss the draft Ninigret Park Master Plan 2024. The Council received this draft plan last week. This future meeting will be their first opportunity to discuss it as a Council.

The entire agenda, including the procedure for streaming access, can be viewed here.

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