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New Valuations and Taxes

Use our tax calculator below to estimate your taxes with the new assessment value.

The new Charlestown property valuation letters arriving in the mail have caused a lot of discussion and concern, with many property values increasing by 40% to 50%.

It is very important to understand that a new tax rate is computed every year based on the budget for the town and the total value of the properties in the town. The assessed value of your property going up does not mean that your taxes will necessarily go up - with the inflation in property values over the last several years, the effect on your taxes depends on whether your property value went up more or less than the average increase in our town.

The town website has posted an estimate of the tax rate for for 2023-24 tax year based on the new property valuations and the current draft budget. That estimate shows the tax rate dropping dramatically: from $8.17 per $1,000 valuation in the current year to $5.71 for the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

We have provided this online calculator to see your current and projected taxes.

You can get your assessment valuations from your recent letter ( Old Assessment and New Assessment) or the tax database here (2021 Total Valuation and 2022 Total Valuation).

Or you can compute the taxes manually:

  • Multiply your 2021 Total Valuation divided by 1000 by $8.17 to get a tax bill estimate for next year.

  • Multiply your 2022 Total Valuation divided by 1000 by $5.71 to get a tax bill estimate for next year.

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