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Ninigret Park was perfect site for regional firefighter training

Charlestown's Ninigret Park hosted a major water supply drill involving over 20 fire departments and over 160 volunteer firefighters on Sunday, May 2. The objective was to refine multi-department response to get adequate water supply for large fires in rural areas. The training was organized by the Rhode Island Southern Firefighters League (RISFFL).

Richmond-Carolina Fire Chief Scott Barber, who serves on the league's board as director, said the Sunday training helped address a training topic that volunteers across the region felt was important in order the hone their skills and be prepared for the worst.

"There is a big difference in the responses for those in an urban setting and department's like ours that are in more rural locations," Barber said. "We don't always have hydrants and water systems readily available, so there is a different process that goes in to making sure there is a steady supply of water in an emergency."

See an article by Jason Vallee in The Westerly Sun, with lots of photos, here.

Also see a RISFFL article, with more photos, here.

Remember that your fire districts (Charlestown and Dunn's Corners) can only operate and keep fire taxes low because of the contributions of volunteers. Volunteer fire districts, everywhere, increasingly have trouble getting enough volunteers - please consider helping out!

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