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North Camp Concerns

A new camp site built in Burlingame North Camp

by Jodi Frank, CRU Chair

The following information comes directly from the Department of Environmental Management (DEM). I spoke with Tom Rosa on Friday 6/21/19 about the removal of trees and “No Trespassing” signs that have been posted in the area of Yellow Gate also known as North Camp. This location is off of Buckeye Brook Road.

Mr. Rosa informed me that a separate company has been hired by DEM to manage their camping establishments and that they (BA Associates) were intending on creating 90 “High End” campsites. I voiced my many concerns of how this will affect the town and encourage all of you to do this too. A similar situation recently occurred in another RI town and the townspeople were able to make changes by making themselves heard. Please call, email or send a snail mail letter, but you must let the DEM know our thoughts.

In addition I called Deb Carney from the Town Council. The first the Council heard of this situation was on June 20th, after trees had already been cleared and camp sites erected. It seems that BA Associates had not informed anyone in our town of their intentions. Please make a difference and let your voice be heard!


Frank Floor

1100 Tower Hill Road

North Kingstown, RI 02852

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