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Oh The Places the CCA Will Go!

Oh The Places You Will Go

To make people believe your show!

What now is it I hear?

Why save the animals my dear!

Save the shelter? Great , I was just there!

No not you - the town budget scare

The budget designed and crafted by the CCA

How will that help the animals play?

Now that is nonsense, just nonsense I say

Why was last years budget not designed that way?

Oh the places You Will go

To make people believe your show!

Now I ask you to think if they had nothing to hide

Why this million-dollar roller coaster ride?

Why is the CCA pushing so hard? Why do they want this budget to pass?

“Save the animals” “Under funded pensions” - shameless ploys for them to grasp.

Does the CCA think we are foolish? Did they not learn from last year?

If the budget fails, police pensions and animals are safe don’t you fear

Last year you were promised your voices would have a say

But this budget is not allowing it again- courtesy of the CCA

I speak for the people let me be loud and clear

Something with this budget is funny I fear!

Oh the places you will go

To make the people believe your show!

So just VOTE NO!

Jodi Frank, Chair Charlestown Residents United

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