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OUTRAGEOUS! OUR MONEY and we won't all have a voice!

The Town Council is spending up to $75,000 (OUR MONEY) for a survey, paid for by we, the taxpayers, to find out what to do with OUR surplus MONEY, and not all of us will receive the survey. Only a "sampling" will be given the opportunity to voice their opinion.

The majority of the Town Council has decided (but not at a public meeting) that only a "sampling" of town residents will get the survey. The RFP (Request for Proposals) for a consulting firm to conduct the survey was given the green light by the CCA majority, ensuring that we will NOT all have a voice. This RFP includes specific language for a "sample of Charlestown's residents", not ALL Charlestown residents and taxpayers as it should be.

Town Council Vice President Deb Carney tried to get this item on the Town Council agenda to change the language in the RFP to include ALL Charlestown's residents and/ or taxpayers, but the CCA majority would not allow the item to be discussed.

If you want to be guaranteed the opportunity to have a say in how YOUR MONEY is spent, please contact the Town Councilors and let them know you want your voice to be heard! The email addresses and phone numbers of the Town Councilors can be found here.

Charlestown Residents United

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