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Residents vote for say in budget process

As Cynthia Drummond of The Westerly Sun wrote on Twitter:

The Westerly Sun reported that town Council Vice President Deborah Carney said “I’m pleased with the voter turnout and I’m pleased that the voters have spoken, and now the council needs to listen. The residents now have an opportunity to decide what they want to do with their money, because this is the town’s money. It’s up to the townspeople to decide what to do with it.”

We, at CRU, thank everyone for getting out to vote. We think your message was heard loud and clear and even an expensive last-minute mailing by the CCA couldn’t change that.

Now, the challenge is to get true citizen input on how this $3 million in the proposed budget should be handled. Some choices are:

  • Reduce taxes

  • Strengthen the town pension reserves

  • Pay down outstanding bonds (Town debts)

  • Other ideas from you!

It should be clear that the money should not be simply put in a “Construction Fund” without any control over what will be constructed.

The entire Westerly Sun article by Cynthia Drummond can be read here.

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