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South County Sand Sculpting Fun

This weekend at Misquamicut State Beach, ten sculptors from around the world met to produce and display their creations in the Atlantis Rising International Sand Sculpture Competition presented by Many of the designs kept with the aquatic theme, while other artists decided to follow their own artistic inclinations. David Ducharme, a self-taught Canadian sculptor, based in British Columbia, mentioned that fact while talking about his entry, “Walking the Fish,” about how he stuck to the theme and even researched local marine life. When asked, he also noted the secret to these creations is the proper blend of sand and silt clay to make them stand. Once completed, they are sprayed with a mixture of water and school glue to protect against wind and rain.

Some of the other interesting sculptures included one that included the tentacles of an octopus mated to the head of an elephant; another called, “So Close,” that had a man and woman back-to-back that seemed to depict a sailor separated from a woman by the sea; a “Ship of Fools;” and a 3-D sculpture of Pinocchio that seen from different angles showed completely different images of the cartoon puppet, and the reverse side showed Geppetto and the “real boy.”

Paul and Christine of Norwood, MA opined that they saw different levels of meaning every time they walked by the “So Close,” entry. While Elise from New Orleans and Nancy from Ashfield, MA, both in town for a wedding, hadn’t decided yet but liked several of the entries.

Beth from Coventry also hadn’t voted but said she was “In awe of the details in bringing their (the artists) visions to life, especially, the Pinocchio.”

The show continues Saturday until 9 pm, Sunday from 10 am-9 pm, and again Monday from 10 am-3 pm. Audience voting continues through Sunday and will be announce Monday at 1 pm. There are about a dozen food vendors on site, a band playing on a main stage throughout the day, multiple vendors, and limited amusements for kids. Dogs are welcome but must be leashed and should be well-trained. The cost is $15 at the door. There is an ATM available outside the main entrance.

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