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Stephen Stokes Radio Interview

Charlestown Town Council member Stephen Stokes is becoming a frequent guest on local radio station WBLQ. This openness is to be commended, as he gives his views on topics of interest in town and the area.

The good news about WBLQ is that they record the shows so you don't have to worry about listening at a specific time.

For those who missed it, he had a very interesting interview in November - our article about it with a link to the audio is here.

He visited Jean Gagnier on Chariho is Listening again on January 18. You can listen to the audio here (the segment starts about 7 minutes into the recording).

They discussed some topics of intense interest in town:

  • Comparing charter revision in Westerly and Charlestown and how the use of the Charlestown Charter Revision Commission has changed over time.

  • Accessory Dwelling Units and the impact of recent state law. Stokes gives an in depth explanation of what the state law requires, ongoing uncertainties, and what needs to be done now.

  • Ninigret Park, the approved 2008 master plan for the park, the unapproved 2014 master plan draft, and Stokes' desire to start a new master plan update with phased ideas for desired improvements to the park.

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