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Town Council Meeting Report, July 8, North Camp Update

The issues surrounding North Camp were a hot topic for discussion at the July Town Council meeting. This matter was on the agenda very late in the evening, and yet several people remained to voice their opinions and concerns. The highlights of this discussion are as follows:

  1. No notification was given to town officials prior to the start of the

  2. construction project. The DEM called them “temporary demonstration campsites”.

  3. There was clearing, cutting and tree removal.

  4. There was evidence that there were 4 potential sites in various degrees of clearing.

  5. There was questionable evidence of possible herbicidal spraying.

  6. There was great concern about the impact on the town’s resources, police, fire, and ambulance.

  7. The town already has 3 of the 5 state run campgrounds located here. Charlestown hosts over 800 campsites, including Burlingame, East Beach and Charlestown Breachway.

  8. The Town Council will be looking into this matter with DEM and our local representatives.

We will stay informed on this matter and post updates as any news develops. If anyone observes something please reach out and we will help get the word out. Thank you to everyone who brought this issue forward. Keep up the good work and let your voice be heard!

by Jodi Frank

“temporary demonstration campsite”

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