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Vote for Deb Carney in Charlestown Nov. 3

Why should you vote for Deborah Carney? A committed, thoughtful, thorough, unencumbered, independent thinker, Deb Carney pays close attention to the details and listens to her local community. She is energetic and has an excellent memory. Deb can remember a report from an initiative from years ago if it is pertinent to a current issue.

She is a level-headed woman of action who has been involved in many levels of our local government, giving her a perspective and depth of knowledge of our town’s long term and short-term needs. Approachable and intelligent, she will investigate anything that concerns our town until she is satisfied that she has the facts. Deb is committed to promoting social justice, protecting Charlestown’s people, and safeguarding natural treasures.

Trustworthy and tenacious, she holds our leaders accountable, including herself. Deb Carney is one of those valuable people that puts the town in Charlestown.

Holly Eaves


This article appeared as a letter to the editor

in The Westerly Sun on October 9, 2020.

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