Vote Patricia Stamps for Planning Commission

My name is Patricia Stamps and I am running for a seat on the Planning Commission in Charlestown. I have been a resident of Charlestown for over 35 years. I have owned and operated a local business here. I presently sell real estate here in Charlestown.

I am running for the Planning Commission because I feel that all members of this community have the right to know how their tax dollars are being spent and where. The members of Charlestown Residents United are running on transparency, keeping our taxes low and common-sense growth in the community. Please, if you would like to see changes, vote Stamps and Stevens on the November ballot. Your vote does count.

Thank you and let’s “keep the town in Charlestown.” See you at the polls.

Patricia Stamps


This letter was published in The Westerly Sun on September 19.

Read about all the CRU-supported candidates here.

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