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When will all the CCA nature-lovers help out?

CCA is endlessly cluttering the editorial page with comments about how they love nature, how only they are capable of protecting the rural character of Charlestown, etc., etc.

I volunteer to help the Conservation Commission keep our open space nature trails clear. Also, I have spent time planting grass sprigs as part of the marsh reclamation for Charlestown’s breach ways. In the last four years I have never seen a single CCA elected official doing any hands-on work protecting and preserving the natural, rural character they supposedly love. However, I have seen Deb Carney, Grace Klinger, Frank Glista and others out there being involved, getting their hands dirty.

Action always speaks louder than words. It’s easy to sit in a chair and write a check with taxpayers’ money to buy an inflated piece of property, but I don’t see any CCA officials or candidates breaking into a sweat doing any physical labor to preserve, protect, or maintain our open spaces. It is ironic that for all of CCA’s propaganda about open space it loses interest in the land once the check is written to a “deserving” seller, for a “necessary” piece of land.

Steven J. Williams, Charlestown

This article appeared as a Letter To the Editor in The Westerly Sun on October 28, 2020.

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