About Us

Working to put the TOWN back in Charlestown.

The concept of Charlestown Residents United (CRU) began in 2015 when, as a Ballot Advocacy Group, we asked voters to approve a $1,000,000.00 Recreation Bond for the Ninigret Park Master Plan. Our first initiative was overwhelmingly supported by the residents of Charlestown, with 68% in favor.  We  advocated for the Recreation Bond because that same year, the Town Council ignored residents requests to include a recreation component to the "Open Space" bond they had proposed.

After watching the Town Council's actions over the past three years, members of the Recreation Bond Group were asked by residents to form a Political Action Committee (PAC) to attract and support candidates for local office.  We listened.

Many of us have volunteered to make our town a better community. We have served on town boards and commissions, as well as having contributed numerous hours to local organizations.

  • We want to attract residents, from all corners of our town, to participate in making Charlestown an even better place to live.

  • We want to attract and support candidates who are willing to listen to all the residents of Charlestown, not just a few.

  • We believe Charlestown residents should be treated equally, with fairness and respect.

  • We believe Town Council members should follow their "Council Rules"  when making appointments to Boards and Commissions.

  • We want to attract candidates who will debate the issues in public, not just automatically vote in agreement on every issue

We believe everyone's voice  is important and should be heard.  We believe the Town's business should be conducted in an open forum with discussion and debate. We do not believe this is currently the case.  We believe we need to put the TOWN back in Charlestown.


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Dr. Kenneth M. Robbins