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About CRU

Please consider donating to CRU, to help Charlestown serve the needs and desires of our residents. Thank you for supporting candidates who will listen to your concerns.

Working to put the town back in Charlestown

In 2015, Charlestown Residents United formed as a ballot advocacy group in support of a $1M recreation bond asking voters to approve money for the Ninigret Master Plan. It passed overwhelmingly with 68 percent support, mostly because the council at the time had ignored residents’ wishes to include a recreation component to the Open Space bond. Thankfully, change was made in the 2022 election and positive results have already started to be realized, like more transparency, accountability, and including more people in making key decisions.


That council’s abuses prior to 2020 led to the formation of CRU as a political action committee that recruited and supported candidates to office, and in the end voters have chosen CRU candidate, Deb Carney, as top vote-getter and therefore president the last two election cycles.


Many of our members have volunteered to make our town a better community by serving on town boards and commissions, and many have also contributed numerous hours to local non-profit, fraternal, veterans or business organizations.


  • We want to attract residents from all corners of our town to participate in making Charlestown an even better place to live.

  • We want to attract and support candidates who are willing to listen to all the residents, not just a few.

  • We believe all residents should be treated equally, with fairness and respect.

  • We believe town council members should follow their "Council Rules” when making appointments to boards and commissions.

  • We want to attract candidates who will debate the issues honestly in public, not just automatically vote in agreement on every issue

We believe everyone's voice is important and should be heard. We believe town business should be conducted in an open forum. However, it is painfully clear this is not currently the case. Just witness the way the council majority has abused agenda setting, opposed every attempt at transparency and completely disregarded constituents on the PVD Food Truck issue. We believe now, more than ever, is the time to put the TOWN back in Charlestown.

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Tim Quillen


Dr. Kenneth M. Robbins


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