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Watchaug Pond
Campaign Platform

Our candidates worked together to write the following objectives, as their campaign platform.

Transparent and Accountable Representation
Increase accessibility to public information where allowable by law and involve the
community in town government to maintain a proper system of checks and balances.


Sound Fiscal Policy and Low Taxes
Never overstep with public funds. Implement a system of best practices to safeguard
everyone’s tax dollars and property rights to create a sound fiscal policy that maintains
the town and enhances the quality of life without creating excessive surpluses.


Affordable Housing
Support affordable housing initiatives that will allow Charlestown’s workforce, seniors,
and children to afford housing in Charlestown.


Protecting our Rural Community
Ensure Charlestown remains a beautiful, rural community that grows in a balanced and
responsible manner. Improvements will come with a commitment to keep the character
of the town intact.


Shoreline & Pond Access for All
Develop increased access to the shore and ponds by increasing public access points,
expanding boat launch capabilities and improving beach parking access for residents.


Support for Local and Small Business
Advocate for small and local business and work to change the stigma that Charlestown
is an "unfriendly" place to do business.


Revitalizing Scenic Route 1 Corridor
Establish a commission that engages local business owners, and other stakeholders to
evaluate ideas and formulate a plan to revitalize the scenic highway.


Community Events at Ninigret
Support utilizing Ninigret Park for innovative, small- to medium-sized community events.
This includes food truck events, summer concert series and “Shakespeare in the Park,”
style theater and support traditional favorites like the Seafood Festival and Rhythm and

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