CRU supports candidates for local offices who are committed to transparent, fair, and unbiased government for all town residents. Our candidates are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents putting aside partisan politics and working together to put the TOWN back in Charlestown.

Our candidates worked together to write the following objectives, as their campaign platform.

Our Finances
Maintain Charlestown’s low tax rate through fiscally responsible budgeting. Protect taxpayers from governmental misuse of surplus funds. Ensure compliance with all laws on ethics and conflicts of interest.

Our Commitment
Complete the overdue Town-wide survey to identify and implement residents’ and taxpayers’ priorities. Create a welcoming business climate to increase our tax base. Encourage responsible and balanced commercial and residential growth consistent with our rural character. Support our children and their education.


Our Safety
Ensure the safety of residents and Town staff with regard to COVID-19. Work to establish safe travel areas for pedestrians and cyclists on Charlestown Beach Road and throughout Town.

Our Town Governance
Restore confidence in Town Government through transparent and fair treatment of all residents and property owners. Reinstate Charter Revision Commission to annually evaluate Town Charter. Review Town Ordinances
for compliance with State Law.

Our Shoreline & Parks
Work to establish a residents-only parking area at Town-owned shoreline property abutting the Charlestown Breachway. Implement the approved Master Plan for Ninigret Park.