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#FreeScottKeeley - July 6, 10 am demonstration

We're entering the summer season and the annual friction between beachfront home owners and beach-goers seems to be heating up more this year than usual. A group of home owners in South Kingstown, just east of Charlestown Town Beach, have hired a security guard to chase away people along the beach in front of their houses.

This week Charlestown resident Scott Keeley was arrested was arrested by South Kingstown police, and later released, when walking in the tidal zone along the beach. This has created quite a stir in town, and in our Parks & Recreation Department which manages the Charlestown Town Beach. The economy of Charlestown relies, more than most realize, on the tourist dollars brought in during the summer. Anything that might chill that is a major concern.

A demonstration of beachfront rights according to the RI constitution is being organized for 10 am on July 6, starting at the Charlestown Town Beach. Residents are encouraged to attend.

Westerly Sun reporter Cynthia Drummond has an excellent in-depth article here.

The News 10 report is available here.

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