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June 12, 2023 Town Council Meeting Report

Our preview of this meeting was published here.

The agenda packet for the 7 pm meeting is here. The video for the meeting can be viewed here .

  • During the discussion of Rhythm & Roots park use approval, it came up that this event and others have not been charged according to the published adopted park rental rate, $6.16 per acre per hour, since 2016. Using those rates would result in a very large increase in the park fee. In the end, the Council voted to only increase the fee by $900 for this year to $13,000. The Parks & Recreation Commission will be reviewing the fee structure for Ninigret Park in the upcoming months.

  • The Council held the continuation of the Public Hearing of Ordinance #401 for Cannabis Retail Sales. This was continued because significant changes were proposed at the May 8 meeting. Planning Commission Chair Ruth Platner spoke to suggest that low traffic roads be excluded from the allowed zoning. She also listed other potential issues with the proposed solution that an overlay district be developed for this use. Several small changes to the ordinance were suggested by Councilor Stokes, mainly for language consistency. Councilor Cooper said she would not support this ordinance because it lacks an overlay district and does not require special use permits. The ordinance was adopted with a vote of 4-1 with the proposed minor changes.

  • The Council had a "first reading" of the ordinance prohibiting public smoking of cannabis products. The Council voted to hold a public hearing on this ordinance on July 10, 2023.

The meeting adjourned at 8:56 pm.

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