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September 11 Town Council Meeting Preview

The Charlestown Town Council's first meeting of September, on Monday the 11th starting at 7:00 pm, looks like it could be brief. Nevertheless, some important topics are on the agenda.

The agenda and supporting documents for the meeting can be read here.

Here are some of the interesting topics:

  • The public hearing on the proposed Littering ordinance will be held and it will, possibly, be adopted. The new ordinance would increase fines above the state-specified minimum amounts and gives specific fines rather than ranges. The State law can be read here. The proposed Town ordinance can be read here. This ordinance was proposed by Charlestown Police Lt. Kevin Kidd at a meeting of the Ordinance Review ad hoc Committee.

  • The Council will be reviewing the proposed compensation and benefits agreement for the new Town Administrator, Jeffrey Allen.

  • The Town is planning a Staff Appreciation Day on October 6.

  • The Council will also discuss scheduling a special meeting "Concerning Potential Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance to Allow Subdivision Options Regarding Cluster and Conservation Development." This will be held at the Charlestown Elementary School to accommodate the potential audience. The current status of discussion is included in the agenda packet here.

As usual, people may attend in person or online through WebEx, as described in the agenda. People watching online will not be able to comment or ask questions. The video of the session should be available for viewing in the morning after the meeting on the meetings page. It will be down the page in the Past Meetings section.

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