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Stephen Stokes March 15 Radio Interview

Charlestown Town Council member Stephen Stokes made his third recent appearance on local radio station WBLQ.

WBLQ records the shows into podcasts so you don't have to worry about listening at a specific time.

He visited Jean Gagnier on Chariho is Listening again on March 15. You can listen to the audio here (the segment starts about 7 minutes into the recording).

In this episode, recorded on the Ides of March, they discussed some topics of intense interest in town:

  • Stephen reflected on his first few month as a councilor.

  • Service reimbursement rates for ambulance services in Rhode Island and pending state legislation to better cover costs and make our ambulance service more financially secure.

  • The Chariho School District and the potential "3-town committee."

For those who missed it, he had a very interesting interview in November, article with a link here and another in January, article with a link here.

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