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Town Council Meeting Report - January

Before January's Council meeting we alerted you to topics we expected to be important at the meeting (here). This article is a quick recap of those items and what happened at the meeting on January 13.

  • Town-Wide Survey Request for Proposals (RFPs)

The Council eliminated Siena College Research Institute. Their proposal was mostly for a phone survey, with the possibility of web and email surveys.

The other two proposals were submitted by Blum Shapiro and the National Research Center. The Council will interview both companies at a public meeting the first week in February. Once a date is confirmed, the information will be posted.

  • Potential State Legislation to ensure public access to beaches.

In July of 2019, Town Council Vice-President Deb Carney requested an agenda item "Regarding Public Access to Shoreline". In August of 2019 the Town Council passed a resolution asking the General Assembly to pass a law to "clearly delineate public access to the shoreline that would guarantee the public's rights as provided in the Rhode Island Constitution"

Representative Blake Filippi attended the meeting. Rep. Filippi's comments were reported in The Westerly Sun. Our article (here) summarizes that and provides a link to the Sun article.

Deb Carney provided a list of contact information for our local Senators and Representatives along with that of the Speaker of the House and the Senate President and asked those that are interested in this issue to contact their legislators. The people we elect to represent us in Providence do listen to the voters. Here is a list of contacts. Don't hesitate to send an email or leave a phone message:

Speaker of the House - Nicolas Mattiello:, 222-2466

Senate President - Dominick Ruggerio:, 222-6655

Local Senators & Representative

Dennis Algiere:, 222-2708

Elaine Morgan:, 222-2708

Blake Filippi:, 222-2466

House Committee on Judiciary – Chairman

Robert E. Craven, Sr.,, 294-2222

  • Funding for surveying Town owned properties on Charlestown Beach Road

In May of 2019, the Charlestown Conservation Commission submitted their yearly report regarding the Town owned properties. They recommended several properties on Charlestown Beach Rd be surveyed and signage placed on certain parcels. The Town Council voted to expend up to $25,000 to survey lots AP-9 - 54, 55, 56 & 57, 19 & 42. Lots 54 through 57 make up a total of 2.66 acres of shoreline property abutting the RI DEM property at the Charlestown Breachway. Lot 19 is a .02 acre access path to the shore and lot 42 is a .35 acre access path to the beach. Maps of those lots can be seen here. The full report of the Charlestown Conservation Commission can be viewed here.

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