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URI study assessing groundwater impact on salt ponds

A new study of two salt ponds in Charlestown is measuring nutrients and pollutants entering the ponds in groundwater.

At least 12 sites, six at Green Hill Pond, which is mostly in South Kingstown, and six at Ninigret Pond, just to the west, will be chosen for the Charlestown component of the study. Homes must be near the salt ponds and owners must be willing to allow the installation of temporary water sampling wells. 

Matthew Dowling, Charlestown onsite wastewater manager, said that the high-density development typically found near the salt ponds compromised groundwater quality. The impact is felt acutely in Charlestown, which relies entirely on septic systems and private wells.

Homeowners interested in participating in the study can contact the Salt Ponds Coalition at:

This post uses excerpts from an August 2 article in The Westerly Sun by Cynthia Drummond. The entire article, with many more details, may be viewed here.

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