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You're being hoodwinked

Listen folks, you're being bamboozled. The Charlestown Municipal Budget vote on June 3rd, is a Charlestown Citizens Alliance (CCA) scam. They're pushing their agenda without any regard to the wishes of the taxpayer. We have a $3,095,000.00 surplus that the CCA Town Council members have already decided what to do with YOUR money, without YOUR approval.

They want to build a Community/Recreation/Senior Center in Ninigret Park where the park's pre-approved Master Plan has a proposed festival area. Don't be fooled folks; their intent is to end all festivals in Ninigret Park and placing the center, where they have proposed, will do just that.

But what else should we do with the taxpayer's money? I say give it back to the taxpayers. You could receive about $125.00 per $100,000.00 of property value. That means if you have an assessment of $300,000.00, you will receive about $375.00 from the Town of Charlestown.....wouldn't that be nice?

Of course there are other things we can do with this money, but not if the budget passes. This surplus and how to spend it should be the taxpayer's decision and not that of 4 arrogant CCA council members. Only Council Vice President Deb Carney stands with you, the taxpayer.

Don't let this become a CCA boondoggle. Don't let them "fast-track" this process. This is YOUR money and YOUR vote. On June 3rd, vote "NO" on Ballot Question #1.

Frank Glista

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