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COVID-19 Resources

Here re some additional places to keep you informed about the progression of the COVID-19 virus.

We published some references a couple weeks ago, here.

Some very good resources are provided on the IHME site here. The state-by-state projections presents mathematical projections of when the infection will peak, given the current efforts to slow the spread of the virus and assuming this restriction on person-to-person interaction are maintained. That website predicts that the peak hospital utilization in RI will happen around April 19. That implies that the infection has become widespread enough right now that it will spread rapidly in the next week.

The WorldMeters website has developed one of the best listings of the current state of the COVID-19 infection. You can see the listing for the United States here.

Don't forget that Governor Raimondo has daily press conferences, usually at 1 pm. Our local television channel 10 (probably also channel 12) has been interrupting regular programming when it starts (often a few minutes after 1 pm). The videos, including an archive of past ones, may also be seen on the Governor's Facebook page.

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