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October 10-11 Town Council Meetings Preview

The Charlestown Town Council will not have a meeting on the second Monday this month because of the Columbus Day holiday in Rhode Island. But they will have three meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday this week!

The first regular meeting of October will be on Tuesday the 10th starting at 7:00 pm. Some important topics are on the agenda. The agenda and supporting documents for the meeting can be read here.

Here are some of the interesting topics:

  • The last Council meeting, on September 25, included a lengthy discussion about a proposed agreement between the Town and Charlestown Ambulance and Rescue (CARS) that includes increased Town funding for CARS to provide funding certainty for CARS, a specified level of service, and coverage of uninsured responses and co-payment amounts. That discussion will be continued on Tuesday night, with a possible approval. The draft agreement can be read starting here.

  • Two ordinance changes coming out of the Ordinance Review ad hoc Committee are on this agenda.

  • The agenda includes an announcement of public hearing on November 13 to remove the currently unenforced requirement that land surveys be submitted to the Town for the transfer of undeveloped land.

  • There will be a discussion of changes to the ordinance controlling the use of portable toilets in town. The discussion of this in the Committee can be seen here.

  • The Council will also discuss Potential Amendments to Chapter 218-53 - Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as can be read here.

On Tuesday October 11 the Council is scheduled to meet at 5:45 pm to consider authorizing the Town Council President and the Town Administrator to sign the Rhode Island Community Learning Center Compact (Addendum to Learn365RI Compact). It was first discussed at the August 15 meeting and then reconsidered at the September 25 meeting.

That meeting will be followed, at 6 pm by a joint Town Council - Planning Commission meeting to discuss possible changes to Ordinance #405, Chapter 218-52, on Residential Conservation Development. This is the next step following months of discussion (including September 25, September 11, and August 29). The materials for this meeting may be read in the agenda packet.

As usual, people may attend in person or online through WebEx, as described in the agenda. People watching online will not be able to comment or ask questions. The video of the session should be available for viewing in the morning after the meeting on the meetings page. It will be down the page in the Past Meetings section.

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