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September 11, 2023 Town Council Meeting Report

Our preview of this meeting was published here.

The agenda packet for the 7 pm meeting is here. The video for the meeting can be viewed here.

  • Tim Quillen spoke under Public Comment to point out that the State's contractor for Route 2 repaving has been using the sides of New Biscuit City Road for cleaning trucks and dumping excess asphalt and trash. Through a lot of his personal work, he has gotten promises that it will be cleaned up. UPDATE: Tim reports on Tuesday that the mess is now cleaned up!

  • Faith LaBossiere also spoke under Public Comment to question the Route 1 repaving that has just started: lamenting how long it will take, stating that "changes" are promised but there is no information on what those are, and asking if the work will make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Council President Deb Carney stated that the Town would to reach out to the Department of Transportation to get more information. Ms. LaBossiere also spoke to protest the lighting at the State salt barn which is not dark skies compliant.

  • The Council held the public hearing on the proposed Littering ordinance. The new ordinance would increase fines above the state-specified minimum amounts and gives specific fines rather than ranges. The State law can be read here. The proposed Town ordinance can be read here. This ordinance was proposed by Charlestown Police Lt. Kevin Kidd at a meeting of the Ordinance Review ad hoc Committee. The ordinance, with a small amendment, was passed into law unanimously by the Town Council.

  • The proposed compensation and benefits agreement for the new Town Administrator, Jeffrey Allen, was approved with a minor change to the vacation policy.

  • After discussion of scheduling difficulties, a idea of a special meeting "Concerning Potential Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance to Allow Subdivision Options Regarding Cluster and Conservation Development" at the Charlestown Elementary School had no action taken. Those possible zoning amendments will be scheduled to be discussed during normal Council meetings.

The meeting adjourned at 8:14 pm.

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