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September 25 Town Council Meeting Preview

The Charlestown Town Council is having their second meeting of September on Monday, the 25th, starting at 7:00 pm.

The agenda and supporting documents can be read here.

The meeting will be preceded by an Executive Session at 6:15 pm regarding the collective bargaining agreement with the Teamsters Local Union. Information on that session is here.

There are very interesting topics scheduled for this meeting. Here are some that people will probably be talking about:

  • At the August 15 Council meeting, report here, the Council voted to sign on to Governor McKee's Learn365 Compact, primarily driven by the opportunity to receive funding for out-of-school educational programs at places like the Cross Mills Public Library. This month we have an agenda item to reconsider that decision. The agenda packet information can be seen here but there is nothing in the packet to explain the motivation for the reconsideration.

  • The Council will review a proposed multi-year agreement With Charlestown Ambulance and Rescue Service (CARS). The Town will promise payments to CARS significantly larger than recent funding levels and CARS will guarantee staffing levels and discontinue it's subscription program. The packet information can be viewed here. After the draft agreement, a memo is included with the estimated affect on tax rates and a second memo from Town Tax Assessor Ken Swain with additional comments about the draft agreement.

  • At the July 24 Council meeting, the required update to Charlestown's Hazard Mitigation Plan was discussed, with the action for town staff to assist Charlestown EMA Director Kevin Gallup to prepare a Request For Quotation to do this work. At Monday's meeting the Council will discuss funding for the that work. Information about this can be read here.

  • There has been discussion, for months, of revisions to Charlestown's Residential Conservation Development zoning rules. Now specific changes are being brought for a "first reading" to start the multi-month process of consideration, hearings, and possible adoption. The packet information, including the draft changes, can be read here. It appears that a Public Hearing on these changes will be scheduled on November 20 at the Charlestown Elementary School.

Please also note these events:

  • National Night Out, Tuesday, September 26, 2023, 4:00pm - 7:00pm at Ninigret Park. Come join area first responders in this year's National Night Out Event hosted by the Charlestown Police Department in beautiful Ninigret Park. This will be the third consecutive year the police department will host this event, and they are eager to see everyone again There will be food, prizes, music and games, and of course LOTS of emergency vehicles and personnel to mingle with during the event.

  • Flu Shot Clinic at the Charlestown Community Center in Ninigret Park, Friday September 29. Sign up in advance here.

  • Flu Shot Clinic at the Charlestown Town Hall, Friday October 13. Information here and sign up in advance here.

As usual, people may attend the Town Council meeting in person or online through WebEx, as described in the agenda. People watching online will not be able to comment or ask questions. The video of the session should be available for viewing in the morning after the meeting on the meetings page. It will be down the page in the Past Meetings section.

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