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Burlingame North Camp - Update

by Jodi Frank, CRU Chair

My last post explained how Burlingame North Camp, off of Buckeye Brook Road, is being re-opened, with the resulting traffic and load on town services. Meanwhile the Town was not involved in the planning of this or even notified about it.

Since then, Deb Carney, Town Council Vice President, spoke with Mr. Tom Rosa of RIDEM (mentioned as a contact in the prior article), and I actually met with him due to a chance encounter at Burlingame Park. This information is the most current and may help you formulate your points for discussion.

The following is a list of concerns that Ms. Carney and I have discussed with Mr. Rosa, and his responses.

  1. The construction of up to 96 campsites would impact our towns’ resources of police, fire and ambulance services. Mr. Rosa said that there would be only 10 “High End” camp sites and up to 86 regular. The 86 regular sites would be 20X20 dirt spots. Those would not have the raised structures.

  2. The demand on our roads and traffic issues – where would 90 campers park? Mr. Rosa listened – no plan has been set.

  3. Environmental issues – water and electricity? How are these being considered? Mr. Rosa stated there would not be any electricity and water would not be installed. There would be porta johns and perhaps a propane tank for a possible heated shower unit. Water for the unit would likely come from a truck.

  4. No Trespassing signs – is this open space? Why are we being restricted? Mr. Rosa said that it was a construction site.– The DEM does not want people driving down there.

  5. Who is BA Services? Mr. Rosa said that they were a private company hired by DEM to manage their campgrounds - separate from the DEM. They currently manage the existing campsites at Burlingame.

  6. Mr Rosa stated that this matter has been moved to the Providence DEM and a new contact will be coming. Otherwise please continue to contact Mr Rosa in the meantime.

I would like to state that Mr. Rosa is a very approachable person and will take our concerns seriously. He said that he has already created a logbook of phone calls and a folder of emails and letters. So please consider adding your voice! Power to the people!

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